UDID Registrations

Sign and install apps


  1. Purchase our Gold or Bronze Plus package to get Certificate & Provisioning files for your device.
  2. Visit the link in your confirmation email or look up your order on our website.
  3. Click "Get certificate and provisioning files" and download both files.

How to sign and install online using AppDB

Note: If you purchased AppDB PRO, you can activate your device on AppDB instead of following these instructions.

  1. Visit appdb.to from Safari on your iOS device and click Link your device at the top of the page.
  2. Enter your email in the text field and click "Link".
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the profile on your device.
  4. Visit appdb.to on your Mac or PC and click Link device at the top of the page.
  5. Enter the one-time link code seen on the same page on your iOS device and click "Link".
  6. On your Mac or PC, click Configure features for this device under "Your device".
  7. Set and save these settings:

    • By default, appdb uses PRO instead of attached developer identity, select "yes" to force disable PRO: set to Yes
    • Developer certificate bundle (p12, PKCS12 format): choose the .p12 file for your order
    • Developer certificate bundle password: enter 123456
    • Mobile provisioning profile: choose the Profile.mobileprovision file for your order
  8. Browse AppDB and click "Install" next to compatible apps and tweaks. AppDB will attempt to automatically download, sign, and push the app to your device.

How to sign and install from your Mac using iOS App Signer

  1. Double-click the .p12 file to add it to your keychain, using the password 123456.
  2. Add the Profile.mobileprovision file to your device. This can be done in one of two ways:

    • Connect your device to your Mac with a USB cable and open Xcode. Select Window > Devices, right click on the device and select Show Provisioning Profiles. Click the + button and choose the file.
    • Open iTunes, select File > Add to Library, and select the Profile.mobileprovision file. Sync your device with iTunes to install the profile. You won't see any sort of confirmation.
  3. Download and open iOS App Signer on your Mac.
  4. For the Input File, click Browse and select the IPA or DEB file for the app you'd like to sign.
  5. For the Signing Certificate dropdown, select the certificate with the same name as the .p12 file that was just added to your keychain.
  6. For the Provisioning Profile dropdown, select Choose Custom File and choose your Profile.mobileprovision file.
  7. All other fields are optional: New Application ID, App Display Name, App Version, and App Short Version.
  8. Click Start and indicate where you'd like to save the signed IPA file.
  9. Once finished, install the app on your device. This can be done several ways:

    • Connect your device to your Mac with a USB cable and open Xcode. Select Window > Devices, choose your device on the list, click the + button under Installed Apps, and choose the IPA file.
    • Double-click the IPA file to add it to your iTunes library, then sync your device.
    • Install iFunbox, click Install App, and choose the IPA file.
    • Drag and drop your IPA file onto the Diawi homepage, visit the link on your device, and click Install Application.

iOS App Signer Troubleshooting

Certificate has an invalid issuer

Your certificate may have been revoked by Apple. If you are eligible for revoke protection, you can check your order and download new Certificate & Provisioning files there. Otherwise, you will need to make another purchase. Bronze Plus memberships have 90 days of revoke protection, and Gold memberships have a full year.

Codesigning Error

There are a few possible fixes:

Cannot install Provisioning Profile

If you cannot install your Provisioning Profile using either method, you probably entered the wrong UDID when placing your order. Please follow these instructions to find your correct UDID. As our Terms & Conditions state, we are not liable if you provide us with the wrong UDID.

Signed applications do not install