UDID Registrations

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Learn more about our services below, and carefully read our Terms and Conditions before placing your order. If you want to register your Apple Watch, you'll need to register the associated iPhone as well.

1. Provide your device's UDID

To prevent mistakes, avoid entering your UDID manually. Follow these instructions to find your UDID.

2. Choose a package

UDID Registration

To safely and legitimately use any iOS beta firmware on the developer cycle, your device must be enrolled as a development device with Apple. As Apple warns, installing beta software on your device without registration "could put your device in an unusable state and necessitate an out of warranty repair."

Priority Processing

Registrations can be delayed due to high demand or system downtime on Apple's servers. In the event of a wait list, customers who purchased the Gold or Silver packages will be processed first.

Certificate & Provisioning

With these files, you can use AppDB, iOS App Signer, or Xcode to sign and install any app on your device, no jailbreak required. Certificate and provisioning files are provided to our Gold and Bronze Plus customers.

Premium Support

Get faster help from our support team when you purchase the Gold or Silver package for your device. We're here to make sure you get the most of your membership.

Device Replacement

Protect yourself from the unexpected. If you purchase the Gold or Silver package and your device is exchanged under an insurance program such as AppleCare or replaced due to theft within 6 months of your purchase, we'll enroll your new device free of charge.

Full Revoke Protection

Apple can choose to revoke device enrollments at any time. Gold and Silver members have exclusive access to a full year of revoke protection, which automatically enrolls your device in a new developer account, free of charge. This feature is limited to 90 days for Bronze and Bronze Plus members.

Custom Entitlements

Some apps require special entitlements to function properly, such as the Multipath entitlement for the Houdini and Electra jailbreaks. Gold members have exclusive access to a custom provisioning file that supports these additional entitlements with an explicit app identifier.